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Outdoor Movie Rental FAQs

Outdoor movies are without a doubt fun and family friendly activity that’s promoting a sense of community and at the same time, can be enjoyed by everyone. It’s nostalgic and modern in nature while also providing a truly unique cinematic experience for moviegoers. There’s no trouble of renting outdoor movie screens but you have to know that there are handful of things that you must know and have to answer to be able to have an enjoyable viewing experience.

If you like to know the important things when it comes to this form of movie rental, then read the FAQs below.

Question number 1. How big are the movie screens – most of the time, outdoor movie rental companies provide different screen sizes for their clients that are ranging from 12 feet to greater than 40 feet across. Then for other locations, they can be offering screens that are around 75 feet.

Question number 2. How much it would cost me to host an outdoor movie night – the truth is, because these companies are offering different screen sizes and depending onto your location too, the price is going to range from 200 to 3000 dollars and will depend on the screen you wanted to rent.

Question number 3. Do I have to acquire a license to show movies – if you want to show a movie outdoors aside from your backyard, it will certainly require you a license. Federal Copyright Act governs how copyrighted materials similar to movies may be used in public.

Keep in mind, neither the rental nor purchase of DVD or videocassette has the right to exhibit movies in public outside your property; unless of course the site to which the video will be viewed has gone through the process and received proper license.

Also remember that universities, colleges, daycare facilities, public schools, churches, summer camps, prisons, private clubs, lodges, businesses and so forth regardless of the place the admission is charged, whether the institution is non profitable or commercial or whether a state, local or federal agency is involved are all covered by the legal copyright compliance requirement.

Question number 4. Is it possible to charge admission to the outdoor movie night – basically, it’s possible to charge admission to outdoor movie night but you need to know that licensing companies have their own policies when it comes to charging of admission to certain films. At the same time, you’ll likely be required to split the admission proceeds with the licensing company. You must contact the licensing company of the film you have selected to discuss in-depth the details regarding admissions.

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