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An In-Depth Knowledge About A Breathalyzer And The Rules That Surrounds Its Use

A breathalyzer is a device used by law enforcement officers to find out whether a certain individual is under the influence of alcohol. Because of the direct correlation between a person’s breath alcohol contents and his blood alcohol concentration, the breathalyzer is very effective. There are many reports indicating that Dr. Robert Borkensstein invented the first breathalyzer. Breathalyzers vary from having an infrared spectrometer, a semiconductor oxide sensor, or a fuel cell sensor. Furthermore, there are a lot of different types of breathalyzers. They differ from disposable screening testers to the equipment that provides legally admissible results. Read more here for added details.

In connection with the various types of breathalyzers being sold, did you know that certain types of breathalyzer will determine the charges against you when you are discovered by a law enforcement officer? You can find many states having this rule. A lighter penalty awaits you if you refuse a law enforcement officer to use a mobile breathalyzer to test your alcohol level. read more here for additional information.

Talking about the refusal of a breathalyzer being used to test or measure your alcohol level, did you know that you can even do this in the first place? You may not even have thought about this idea considering that law enforcement officers are a bit scary. This good news comes with a catch though, you can still be arrested for driving under the influence or DWI even without consenting to blood alcohol concentration (BAC) testing. This is because refusing a breathalyzer is incriminating. You may even be charged with a longer sentence if you refuse the breathalyzer. This is most applicable to people who have a history of a DWI case against them. You may even give away that you are drunk just with the way you talk, your movements, and even your breaths smell which the law enforcement officer can use against you. Read more here for additional information.

Law enforcement officers can issue a warrant to those who refuse to take a breathalyzer test. These electronic warrants can be issued instantly. This was made possible by the No Refusal DUI enforcement and some help from technology.Read more here for additional information.

Keep in mind that your license as a driver is a privilege and not a right. The mere refusal of a breathalyzer test would result to you being jailed, fined or even having your license suspended. All of these facts are indicate on the implied consent laws which you agreed to when you received your license. You should always keep safe and remember to never drink when driving. However, if you were not able to do so, you must immediately seek the assistance of a DUI lawyer. Read more here for added details.