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All You Need to Know About My Streaming Adventures.

I have taken some while before making a journal entry. My experiences on YouTube and Twitch has been interesting. Anyone who has gone through the original entry knows the tough times I have had. I has to spend a good sum of money to get the equipment. However, I have to tell you that it does feel weird to do a recording where I am rambling on by myself. For some time, I was wondering whether to keep it going or stop. There was also the part about my investment not giving me any returns. But you can also understand the expenses that come with MTG. For just one 5-match league, you will have to part with 8 dollars. For me, the cost was even high. Because I wasnt ready to buy the digital cards, I opted for a rental service that set me back 35 dollars every month. It was a huge financial commitment. There is a time I was lost on what to do even though I was assured the track I was on was correct. All of this was happening at a time when I was just doing this on my own. I was getting new ideas the moment I set up this site. I had set my eyes on the bigger prize.

I wanted the site to be all about nerd culture. No one watched one game unless they are nuts about the game and that is why a stream was not my immediate option. This is what started the idea of other games. Even so, I figured that I would have to get a computer. Given that I was creating niche websites before, the process of creating content for my new website was not all that new. This did not quench my thirst though. I was on the lane to come up with the next big thing after Gizmodo. However, I would have to go with video content and not just article content. I would have to use social channels in order to promote that. It would be a tough break for just a single person but I felt like everything I have gone through before had prepared me for that. This is why I didnt stop at that. After I built the site, I strategized on the content. I went ahead to create a Twitter account and kept my focus on that.

I talked to Jon, one of my friends. I wanted to have a podcast for the website. He was excited to co-host. This is how I got help with the co-hosting process. I started on YouTube though instead of having an actual podcast.