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Learn from the Following Respected Dentists By Following Them on Social Media

The societal demands and expectations of a dentist today are far beyond the basic filling up of cavities and extracting teeth. If you are like many others out there, you want to give your dental practice the best possible exposure. This you can simply do by dedicating your time to educating your clients on general dental care practices and dental hygiene. How about you start by creating an online presence where you can interact with your customers as you provide tidbits and advice on dental hygiene and care? Probably you are wondering how to get started in this now that you went to school to study being a dentist and not a social media influencer or blogger. So where do you begin this journey to ensure your dental practice gets the most exposure?

The secret lies in following in the footsteps of other dentists that already have significant social media influence and a huge following. How about you start here with this list of the most popular dentists on social media today? Dr. Thomas P. Connelly is one of the most popular dentists on social media if his 11,000+ twitter followers are anything to go by. The other thing that has catapulted him to this high position is the informative posts that he writes on a regular basis at the Huffington Post. Additionally, his personal blog has thousands of followers thanks to the great discussions and topics he normally covers. You can bet the informative discussions are quite interactive, sometimes even talking of his personal experience with his esteemed patients.

There is also the famous Dr. Jacob Lipscomb who is also active on Facebook and Twitter with a significant following. Dr. Jacob Lipscomb is probably famous because he talks not just to the patients but also other dentists with interest in social media marketing. Third in line is the famous Dr. Lorne Lavine, loved by many because his blog is somewhat niche-specific. You probably know him from the famous Digital Dentist Blog where he talks about dental technology.

He may not necessarily be a dentist, but Richard Chwalek has made it onto this list because of his dedication and contribution to digital marketing for dentists. He has perfected his blogging in dental care with very informative content that most dentists can benefit from. He runs this site about Niche Dental Marketing and uses social media platforms to equip dentists with digital marketing tips for their dental practices. This site is where you get to learn more about how you can grow and market your dental practice online, PPC, to mention but a few.

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