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A Guide to Celebrity Religions

The adoration of people for their favorite celebrities does not actually touch on their religious beliefs. There are actors and actresses who would play major religious roles even without truly believing in the stories themselves. Movies like Noah, the Ten Commandments, the Passion of the Christ, etc. have many actors and actresses playing religious roles. It is possible to act out religious roles without even appreciating the real story. IF you check out celebrity religions you will be amazed at the many different types of beliefs that these celebrities have which can be summarized in the following categories.

There are celebrities who are outright atheists or agnostics. These celebrities suppress the knowledge of God in their lives. Most perhaps believe that we came into being through a big bang instead of being created by God. And so, they are not mindful of God and they don’t treat their success as anything from God but their own sheer abilities.

There are successful celebrities that put themselves higher than God. These celebrities who think that they have ability to be successful without God look down on God as somebody who cannot do things that they have done. Their view of God is very small. Perhaps they think that God is detached from His creation and have to work it hard alone to gain success.

Some celebrities claim to be religious but are not Christians. You find Jewish celebrities, Buddhists, Muslims, and what have you religions that are different from the Christian religion. There are other kinds of gods that these people worship. You will find many celebrities of this sort.

There are Christian celebrities who are secretly religious. They are the type that don’t want religion to be mixed up with their career, but in their private lives, they do worship God and have a religious life. Their being religious is something private and you don’t usually find them easily talking about it.

There are celebrities who can talk bad about God openly. These celebrities talk about God as a weak God who doesn’t care for those who are suffering, and someone who is not as popular as they are. There are people who speak openly about God’s inability to stop them from what they are doing. Some celebrities have suffered grave consequences because of this. People who believed so much in their plans that they think God has no power to thwart it found the reverse to be true.

Followers of the Roman Catholic church can also be found among celebrities. But there are also some Bible-believing Christians in the celebrity world.

It is great to know that your celebrity idol has the same religious beliefs as you have. While you may not know who is right or who is wrong for now, the future will reveal the real believers in God.

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