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Where to Find the Best Running Shoes

The need to stay fit has caught on in many regions in the world. People are looking to keep fit, and thus participate in such activities as joining the gym, yoga, and running. As part of participating in such activities, you will need to have the right gear for it. Sports shoes are an important part of that gear. If for instance you intend to go jogging, you will need the right pair of running shoes. Even those who have been doing so need to think of getting a new pair. Wearing an old pair for too long is inviting injuries and stressing your feet. There are certain signs that will indicate it is time to get new shoes.
You need to think of how far you have gone with the shoes. If you have used it for more than 500 kilometers, it shall be time for new ones. If you are heavy, you need to change shall be sooner. You need to also do it easier if you are into trail running, than if you had been into indoor running. You should make a point of writing the date of purchase in the shoes, so as to know when to replace. This should make it easier for you to work out how far you have gone with them.
You shall also know it is time when you suffer frequent muscle fatigue, shin splints, and knee pain. The old ones will have lost their cushioning. You can conduct the twist test to determine how much of a support they still have. You simply take the shoe by both ends and twist it. A good one shall feel strong and not bend easily. A poor one shall easily cave in.
You can also observe the bottom of the shoe. If you see them having faded treads; you need to get another pair. Running shoes normally have soles that can outlast the upper sections. One that has the soles in such poor condition only means the rest of it is much worse. Running in such shoes without grip is asking for trouble.
You can also invest in a pair of new running shoes. Since you now have two pairs, you can keep interchanging them. This shall make it easier to know when it is time you stopped using the older one. A simple comparison of the feel differences among the pairs is a reliable indicator.
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